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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

For nearly two decades I have entertained and proudly been an active part of the Chub & Chaser community. The BigBoyMark persona captivated visitors, fans and admirers and this website provided an outlet to heed social acceptance for men of size and an opportunity to meet some wonderful friends. From the early days of web-cams to yearly social functions the motivation has always been to bring laughter and acceptance through the gift of expression.

Although I take great pride in being a part of our ever-growing community, there always comes a time to move forward to another chapter of our life. That time has arrivedÖ To give a fond farewell and retire this website and its Fatty Friends Club.

Over the years Iíve met some wonderful people that I proudly call friends from all around the world. You know technology is a wonderful thing and something that will only get better in time. It has opened the doors to become a mentor, author, and artist to everyone that would stop to watch and listen. It has been an overwhelming blessing to have interacted with so many friends, and with that, I extend my deepest appreciation for allowing me to be part of your inner circle for so many wonderful years.  Your friendship, emails, and social interactions have reassured me that life can reward you with an abundance of blessings simply by asking.

I can only hope that the journey here in which we have traveled together becomes a stepping stone in your life to teach our future generations that laughter, self-expression, and faithfulness to your calling or cause is the cornerstone of the legacy you leave behind.

Until we meet again.


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