Hello Friends:

Thank you for visiting my website.  After proudly serving the Chub & Chaser community for nearly two decades, it is with regret that the time has arrived to finally give my fond farewell and retire this website and its Friends Club.The BigBoyMark persona has captivated visitors, fans and admirers of the subculture known as Chub & Chasers to heed the social acceptance of men of size through the gift of expression.  My stride has always been to bring an element of entertainment, admiration, and laughter to those who I have met throughout the years.  I take great pride in being part of our growing community and its many achievements; from the early days of web-cams to social event functions.

As the years have passed we grow older and our focus and directions begin to open new chapters in our lives.  I firmly feel my time here, and this chapter shall come to a close.  On a positive note. I look to continue my push towards size acceptance, but within an arena outside of the perspective of our subculture.

It has been an overwhelming blessing to have interacted with so many friends, and with that, I extend my deepest appreciation for allowing me to be part of your inner circle for so many wonderful years.  Your friendship, emails, and social interactions have reassured me that life can reward you with an abundance of blessings simply by asking.  I hope that over the years the BigBoyMark persona has left a lasting impression, that you shall seek and share the gift of laughter and self-expression; that without a doubt is embedded inside you.  Remember itís not what you take away from your journey, but rather what you leave behind that will rekindle the memories towards others.

Until we meet again.